A Brief Biography of Edgar Allan Poe

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Known for his disturbing and sinister work, Edgar Allan Poe’s writing has captured the attention of readers for almost two centuries. His works and reputation were largely influenced by his childhood, education, adulthood, and struggles with his career, along with his legacy before and after his death.
Edgar Allan Poe was born on January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts, as being David and Elizabeth Poe’s second child of three. David and Elizabeth were professional theatrical actors in a company that performed around America’s Eastern coast (Dameron, J. Lasley). David was not as popular an actor as Elizabeth was and therefore drank for his miseries before leaving the mother of three to fend for herself and the children. (“Edgar Allan Poe.” Edgar Allan Poe.) Elizabeth Poe died on December 11, 1811 from tuberculosis, which is a disease that destroys the lungs. Edgar, his older brother and younger sister were orphans and then separated into different relative and foster homes (Lange, Karen E. 10-11). Edgar went to live with a wealthy tobacco seller, John Allan and wife Frances. (Dameron, J. Lasley) They had him baptized with their name as his middle name, but the Allans did not adapt Edgar legally. In his first three years of life, many events occurred to pave the way for Poe’s writing influences.
By being fostered by a wealthy family, he was able to get a good education than the one that was promised with his biological parents. When the Allans moved to London for John’s tobacco business, Poe was enrolled into outstanding English boarding schools. He was extremely advanced in many subjects, including writing, spelling, literature, the languages of French and Latin, and the Christian faith, prior to going to college. I...

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...igh education, relationship complications, career struggles and the controversy before and after his death produced a menacing writing style, masterpieces and reputation. While applying his writings to the unconscious mind, Edgar Allan Poe was able to get “under a reader’s skin” (Lange, Karen E. Forword) with his disturbing and sinister work.

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