A Brief Biography of Agatha Christie

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Agatha Christie was a remarkable author that had her own style and “flair” of writing. Born in England, she grew up with inspirations to write. However, like many authors, the events in her life affected her writings including experiences which made her want to write. Although Agatha Christie had many events that affected her life, in the end she remained true to who she was.
Agatha Christie was born on September 15, 1880, in Torquay, England. She had two siblings, a brother and sister. Although her parents were still at home rearing her, her main caretaker was Nursie (Christie, Agatha Christie: An Autobiography, 2012). Agatha was a prodigy when it came to writing. Although she did not have much of an interest in writing when she was a young child, her best natural ability was writings. She taught herself to read when she was only age five, and when she was eleven years old, she had one of her poems published in a local newspaper (Bautista, 2012). Agatha Christie’s main inspiration for writing did not come from her poem in the newspaper, but it came from her sister Madge’s challenge for her to write a detective story. Agatha proved her sister wrong in 1916 by working on what would become The Mysterious Affair at Styles, which she completed in only two weeks. In this novel, she introduced Hercule Poirot, one of most her famous fictional character (Bautista, 2012). Although she had many influences which made her want to write, these events and choices affected her life and writing.
There were two main circumstances which affected Agatha Christie’s life. The first major event was the death of her mother--- which happened in 1926. Being somewhat close to her mother, her mother’s death hit Agatha hard. Another event wa...

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... (Christie, Agatha Christie: An Autobiography, 2012). And even though she wrote many works (including her autobiography) and had many biographies written for her, no one can truly know everything about Agatha Christie. Her life had so many ups and downs that it truly be impossible to document them all. “I do not know the whole Agatha, so I believe, is known only to God” (Christie, Agatha Christie: An Autobiography, 2012).

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