A Brief Biography Of Princess Diana

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At the mere age of 20, Diana Spencer married Prince Charles of Wales and became her Royal Highness Princess Diana. Her untainted innocent appearance made it easy for the citizens of England to like and accept her into the Royal Family. Although her marriage started off as a seemingly perfect fairytale, the people of England soon came to discover her marriage as well as her life in the Palace was anything from unbroken. Princess Diana is a hero for the way she loved, cared, helped, and related to others during her time. Born on July 1, 1961, Diana Frances Spencer was the third daughter of her parents, the Viscountess and Viscount Althorp. Growing up, Diana was introduced to a life of lavishness and luxury in Sandringham, Norfolk, where she resided with her family in a ten-room mansion. Charles, who was twelve years older than Diana, lived right next door. Charles and Diana’s paths crossed again when, as Diana explains it, "'Charles came to stay at my sister's house for a shoot." ( "Royals, Part 2" 2002). Shortly after their brief encounter, Diana moved to London, where she pursued an interest in taking care of children, at first as a nanny and then as a kindergarten teacher in 1979. Two years later, Prince Charles called asking Diana on a date. Within six short months of what seemed like the perfect fairytale romance, Charles proposed to Diana. In 300 years, Diana would be the first to become a Princess by marriage. Charles and Diana married in St. Paul’s Cathedral, as recorded and watched by millions worldwide on television, on July 29, 1981. "'Everybody had gone completely Diana mad. It was amazing the sort of mania about her,' says royal photographer, Jayne Dincher" (Ibid.) It seemed as though the world was ... ... middle of paper ... ...race with paparazzi in an attempt to avoid them, Diana’s death was mourned with the world as they lost one of the most important women of their time. After her death, Elizabeth Dole, American Red Cross president, spoke about Diana with kind words, "The Princess brought the power of her presence, her compassion, and her position to some of the most important humanitarian issues of our time, saving countless lives and bringing comfort to countless others. Her work to bring about a global ban on land mines did more to galvanize world opinion on this issue than any other single individual. Her death is mourned by an entire world. We at the American Red Cross share the grief of the British people in the loss of a national and global treasure. We will miss her special touch and the love that she so effectively expressed through action." (Britannia Internet Magazine 2003)
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