A Brief Biography Of Princess Diana

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Princess Diana was born in 1961, and soon after became Lady Diana after her father inherited the title of Earl in 1975. Her parents were divorced when she was very young, and she did not spend much of her life with her mother, as her father got custody of her. It is said that she was very interested in music and dance as a young girl, and was known to be very shy. Diana did not do well on her tests to consider finishing secondary school, and many believe that ‘failure’ contributed to her poor self-image (Packer-Fletcher). Similarly, after the loss of her mother and the emotional loss of her father contributed to the insecurities she faced, the anxiety she struggled with, and the abandonment issues she continued to deal with later in her life. Despite these problems that cropped up for Diana early on, the upper class British community was very against the use of psychiatry, and they were focused on the outward public appearances rather than the inner issues individuals face. She loved children, and after she left school she worked with children as a kindergarten teacher at the Young England School. Diana Spenser met Prince Charles when she was living in England, and married him in 1981. She was very well known for her philanthropic work around the world, but she and Prince Charles were well known for their turbulent marriage. Prince Charles was under much pressure to marry well and soon, and it is speculated that the only reason he married Lady Diana Spenser was because she came from a well-known family who had been close with the royals for decades. Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding was very well received and people loved the Princess. Despite this love of the couple, their marriage was toxic, and it is stated that their... ... middle of paper ... ...ributed to her later mental health issues. Although that could be true, Borderline Personality Disorder is something that would crop up very early in life, and it could have been in response to the loss of both her mother and her father. The rest of her life would be negatively impacted by her personality disorder, and it would be impossible to repair, as they are fixed and stable throughout one’s life. She was never actually diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, but it is very clear to those studying her life that she struggled with many of the issues consistent with Borderline Personality Disorder. Even if Princess Diana did not have Borderline Personality Disorder, it is clear through the discussion of each of the theories above, that she did reach some sort of neurosis from the deficits present in her life, and her struggle to fill those voids.

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