A Brief Biography Of Patricia Margaret Lassiter

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The person that I interviewed for this paper was Patricia Margaret Lassiter. Born in Maryland on November 7, 1967 she was an only child. The lifestyle that she grew up in was much disoriented and was one that no child should be put through. Both of her parents were alcoholics and very abusive, and would even let their daughter drink alcohol because they thought it was comical when she passed out. Her father was abusive to both his wife and Patricia, so in the best interest of protecting her child, Patti (Patricia’s Mom) left her husband, and filed for a divorce. After the parents divorced, Patricia’s parents went to court, and both tried to fight for custody of their daughter. In the end, it was up to Patti, who was only in the 1st grade, to decide who she wanted to live with. Being torn apart she made the decision to go with her mom, but later regretted it. Her mother had many relationships, but went through the same process as her last marriage. The relationships her mother was in were all abusive due to alcohol, and many nights Patricia would have to run away while her mother protected her from these abusive men. One morning Patricia’s mother took her to school even though Patricia insisted that school wasn’t opened that day. Dropping her off at school Patti told Patricia to go to class, and wait for the teacher. After waiting in her classroom for hours, someone finally found her, but when Patricia tried to come into contact with her mother to pick her up from school she would not respond. That was the very last day she saw her mother. Social Service came by the school, and put her in a foster home for three days, and then was transferred to live with a lady called Shirley. From time to time she had visits from her father, and... ... middle of paper ... ...y means when he says that is our development is from the people around us. People act and behave a certain way around other people, learning new ideals, thoughts, and actions. Eventually when people are acquainted with others for some time they begin to take those experiences that they learned from them and make it their own. In addition to Vygotski focused on More Knowledgeable Other or MKO for short. The MKO refers to anyone who has a greater perceptive or an elevated ability level than the learner. An example would be a teacher, coach, parent, older sibling teaching a peer of theirs about something. As well as, Vygotski also created the Zone of Proximal Development which is the distance between the student’s comprehensive ability to execute task under the teachers guidance and/or with peer association and the student’s ability to solve the problem by themselves.

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