A Brief Biography Of Niels Henrik Abel

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There were many substantial mathematical advances that Niels Henrik Abel discovered in his short but productive life. The young Norwegian was obviously smart and many of his accomplishments in math are still used today. His condition, life, and age make it even more incredible when considering how much he contributed. His life had many ups and downs that restricted him from becoming a absolutely superior mathematician. However it is very evident that Niels Henrik Abel did indeed greatly contribute to mathematics.
Many countries in the early 1800s were just beginning to form and establish real governments. This was how it was for Norway and this was when Abel was born. Prior to Abel, the last major mathematician was Leonhard who died in 1783. The period between Leonhard and Abel was quiet and not much advancement was made in math at this time. Many ideas were produced but never recognized as it was hard to spread ideas because they did not have the ability to travel quickly. By foot and anf horse was the most comme. Of course you only traveled if you were wealthy or on business. Poverty and poor living conditions were huge problems and it was often that people did not leave the the city they were born in. Sickness was also a problem. Hardly any medications and vaccines were in existence and what was available was not readily accessible. With no protection against disease and sickness, the life expectancy was very low. Abel had to live with all these factors yet still prevailed to be one of the greatest mathematicians in the 1800s.
Abel was born on the island of Finnøy, in Norway, on August 5, 1802. He was the second oldest of seven other brothers and sisters. Growing up poor, his father was a Lutheran minister. His father w...

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...contributed if his health allowed.
Niels Henrik Abel was a young but productive mathematician. In his short life he became a highly regarded mathematician and many of the formulas and theories he invented are still used today. Almost all of his work is very extensive and involved in very upper level math and because many people never reach this level he does not receive the credit he deserves. His work with the integral equations lead to the the invention of radar and sonar in an indirect way. These two things alone are a big deal and because of them we are able to advance even further with our technology. Abels work allowed the world to advance and even affected us. So to answer the question did Niels Henrik Abel actually contribute to mathematics? Yes, this is because of the way he created formulas and theories which then allowed the evolution of the technology.

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