A Brief Biography Of Henry Ford

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Who created and refined the mass production assembly line? Well that would be Henry Ford of the Ford Motor Vehicle Company. He has created the first affordable vehicle and his company is still in business today. He established the first of the production plants in Detroit, Michigan. The Ford Motor Company is the fifth largest auto maker.
Before Henry Ford created the first affordable car that the average person could afford. And before he created this car most people had drivers that drove them around everywhere. And now that Henry created his new cars people could actually drive them self around. Then he created the refined assembly line we have today. He made it where certain people work at a certain station and had one soul part that they created for the car. So besides people moving around everywhere they stay at the same station all day every day.
Ford Motor Company was started and founded in 1903. It was located on Mack Avenue in Michigan, and this is where he had successfully created the first Model-T. The success of the company came from the people that wanted his type of car. So in 1908 he created a new way to create his cars to keep up with the demand for the car. His business was so successful that he had a plant in Paris, France in 1908. And by 1914 there were more than 500,000 Model-T’s on the roads all over the world. Then Henry Ford made a big step in making the company better. He took wages from $2.34 a day to $5 a day. This is when a lot of people began to apply to work at the company. This $5 a day was a lot of money back in this time this would be $110 a day in present time. And he thought that this raise in pay would make the people who worked for him to invest in the Ford Motor Company. And this would make t...

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... just United States to all over the world. And they have created many types of models since back then. They have made the way for all of the other company’s pretty much that we have today.
Henry Ford created the mass production assembly line and refined it. He is the backbone of America. He spent his life pretty much to make a vehicle that the average person can afford and drive. And he accomplished his goal, he made a big advance in the technology of vehicles and his brand still lives on. He is a great historian and is a big turning point in history. He probably is still seen as a icon in peoples eyes today. Because without Henry Ford we would not have the nice things we have today. The Ford brand has expanded from where it began and will continue to. And this is the reason why I choose the company, because it really made a difference in the history of the world.
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