A Brief Biography Of Carl Friedrich Gauss

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Carl Friedrich Gauss was a child prodigy that later became a well-known scientist and mathematician. He was so influential that he was known as “the Prince of Mathematicians”. In his life time he wrote and published more than 150 papers. Gauss made many important discoveries and contributions to algebra, geometry, the number theorem, curvature, and many more things. He was a well-educated physicist and astronomer. His lifetime was full of knowledge and study, but without that we would not be as greatly educated as we are in today’s age.
Gauss grew up in a poor family with illiterate parents. He was born in Brunswick, Duchy of Brunswick on April 30, 1777, which in now located in Germany. Even at a young age Gauss was preforming and solving amazing puzzles and problems for his age. There are many notorious stories from when Carl Gauss was just a toddler. One of the famous stories was when he solved the puzzle of his birthdate. He figured out his date of birth with only knowing that he was born on a Wednesday and eight days before the Feast of Ascension. Another story of Gauss was when he was in primary school and his teacher gave his class a problem of summing together the numbers of 1 to 100. It took Gauss less than a minute to find the answer which is 5,050. He knew this because there were 50 pairs of numbers that all equaled to 101. Already as a child Carl Friedrich Gauss was advancing far faster than others in the mathematical world.
Gauss was very successful in his early years. At the age of only 19 years old, Gauss was already making major discoveries in mathematics. In 1795 Carl Friedrich Gauss demonstrated that a regular polygon with a number of sides can be built with a compass and ruler. This was one of...

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...uss. Two stamps were issued in memory of the 200th anniversary of his birth in 1811, and 1977. And the last stamp appeared because of the one hundredth anniversary of his death in 1955. A novel was written about him and his findings, as well as a film version. A statue was placed in honor of Gauss in the Walhalla temple in 2007. There is also a medal for one of the highest honors in mathematics named the Gauss Prize. A crater in the moon was also named after him in his memory. Many other things are named after Carl Friedrich Gauss like an asteroid, towers, and many universities. He made a big impact on the world and the commemorations show this. This German mathematician, astronomer, and physicist was considered to be one of the best mathematicians of all time. Gauss made major advances in the field of mathematics, which have echoed down throughout time.
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