A Boy, a Dream, and the Crystal Palace

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“Victoria, I must say, this has to be the greatest idea of my life! Nay, it must be the greatest idea of this entire country!”
“I believe you may be exaggerating Albert, but I must say you are a genius.” the Queen responded. “I will make sure you get whatever materials are necessary for this project.”
“Thank you, my Queen.” Prince Albert said, bowing as he exited the room.
And so it began, all of England hurried around at the Queen's order. Hundreds were working fervently to make Albert's idea a success. When the Queen commissioned Joseph Paxton, the head gardener of the Duke, to design the Crystal Palace, he finished the plan in just ten days. Paxton had designed the first building that could be prefabricated and taken apart.
“Ha,” my father sternly stated.
“Ha! Ha!” my mother said, just barely cracking a smile.
“He! He! He!” my sister, Susan, said with a smile full of teeth.
At this point, I lost it, much to the relief of my family. They had conquered me in “The Laughing Game.” All I had to do was not say “ha! ha! ha! ha!” without actually laughing. Trust me, it sounds much easier than it actually is. I sat down with a plop on the chair in the parlor. As my family members continued with the game to find the winner – I always am the first to go out, my mother said it's because I have a cheerful heart.
Beside me there was a newspaper dated for today, August 1, 1850, with the heading “Queen Announces New Project to Proclaim Britain's Power.” This immediately picked up my attention and I continued reading with excitement. I could barely contain myself when I read that this “Crystal Palace” was to be opened in nine months! Although I was unsure what type of things would be displayed, I knew they would be magnificent and reve...

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...w if I could live without returning here. I heard shouts back from the distance; the slower ones must have been devoured by those guards! Those guards would not be eating me today.
Finally, the majority of the group made it past the gate. We passed a large and elaborate carriage and horses on the way out. I could not help but stop and listen to whatever conversation could be going on in such a prestigious looking carriage.
“Albert! This is splendid!” a female voice said.
“Paxton, I must commend you!” a voice I presumed was Albert said. “You built this very efficiently and skillfully!”
“Thank you! I am humbled by your praise, sire!” the voice that I later identified to be Joseph Paxton said. “I should hope that thousands will come to see this splendid place!”
“I have no reason to doubt what you say is true Mr. Paxton,” the female voice responded. “No reason at all.”

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