A Book Report on Organization and Design of an Effective Budget Function by R. Gregory Michael

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Organization and Design of an Effective Budget Function Introduction: Recently I have read the book name “Organization and Design of an Effective Budget Function” written by R. Gregory Michel. The book is copyright by the Government Officers Association of the United States and Canada. The book’s ISBN no is 0-89125-262-2 and Library of Congress control number is 2002107249. The book is well organized. There have five chapters of the book. Every chapter is very interesting. First chapter is the introduction that includes the overview of the book “Organization and Design of an Effective Budget Function”. The second chapter is about the functions of the budget office, core budgeting activities, activities related to budgeting, current practice. The third chapter is very interesting and it is about the organizational structure of the budget office, located in the government organization under the CFO or the Chief Executive. And the current practices. Then you will find the discussion on the naming the budget office and then the internal budget office structure. This is the contents discussed in chapter three. The forth chapter is mainly about budget office structure. Firstly it is about the stuff of the budget office. Then it discuss about the changes in state and local budgeting. After discussing about local budgeting it describes a modern budget analyst’s job description very perfectly. On the last part of forth chapter it has something discussed that is most important for an organization and that is managing budget office staff and budget office sizes. Chapter five is about implementing NACSLB (National Advisory Council on State and Local Budgeting) practices on coordinating the budget process. There have four practice... ... middle of paper ... ...ganizational budget office structure very is vary greatly depending on the size of the government. Small governments usually do not have a designated budget office or budget unit. Chapter 4: The Staff of the Budget Office Chapter four focuses on the staffing of the budget office. Technology budgeting techniques and education and training opportunities have changed the skill sets and type of work performed by budget analysts. The first section discusses these important changes in state and local budgeting. To help budget offices to be properly staffed to meet these changes, the second section lists the specific skills, knowledge and abilities that a budget analyst should have for today’s environment. The sections that follows addresses three issues especially important in managing budget office staff. The three stuffs are coordinating, training and retaining.

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