A Biblical Response to Society

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Sociology is an extremely valuable tool in understanding how society and individuals interact, function, develop, and change. The study of sociology seeks to make sense of what occurs in front and behind the scenes in a society. For the purpose of clarification, society is defined as a “comprehensive, territorially based social grouping that includes all the social institutions required to meet basic human needs” (Popenoe, 86). We live in a secular world and in a society permeated with sin. As Christians we need to have a proper, Biblical response to society and the world around us. The three aspects of society that will be addressed in this paper are culture, social norms and mores, and social ills and injustices. First, culture is simply the “shared products of a human group or society” (Popenoe, 53). The two products of culture are nonmaterial culture and material culture. Nonmaterial culture is basically the intangible such as right and wrong, values, and knowledge. Material culture is material objects that tend to represent nonmaterial culture. Material culture ranges from monuments to fads and technology to even the mundane. All material culture represents nonmaterial culture. A culture can easily be metered by its nonmaterial values. America was originally founded on solid values that today are all but abandoned. Self-discipline and hard work have been replaced by instant gratification and laziness. Also, the American material culture is shown though the products sought after in our materialistic society. The iPod, sports, car, boats and other luxury items are what are considered America’s material icons. It is becoming harder and harder to live a Christian testimony given the negative cultural shift in our society. G... ... middle of paper ... ... to correctly. All in all, the greatest priority a Christian should have in society is to bring glory to God and be the salt and light of the earth. Christ mandated we be different and gave us the great commission before departing to heaven (Matthew, 5). Paul exhorted the Corinthians to bring glory to God no matter what is done (I Corinthians 10:31). To that end, humans were created. God is the only one who can bring about revival and reformation, but we still have the Bible to follow. Every situation is different, but the Bible never changes. The Reformation was a great spiritual shift toward God that resulted in a major positive social change. Man did as God commanded him, and God gave grace and blessing. The “five solas” were the biblically extrapolated principles that were followed by Christian reformers. Though God’s grace both Christians and society prospered.
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