A Believer's Unity with Christ

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Christians are not called to feel love for all persons, but to desire to act in a caring and just way towards all, which is the true reality of a believer’s unity with Christ. As we can see in Romans 8 it has already been establish that there is no condemnation for the ones whom God is sanctifying by the Holy Spirit. Paul explains that the primary cause of distinction between the true believer and all others is the existence and work of the Holy Spirit within. Within the chapter we all have received the proclamation that we have been freed from the bondage of sin and shame. Paul has taught us that our spirit plays a serious role in the sanctification of the believer. But, today many churches don’t teach much on the necessity of the process that is causing people to go astray doing what they want with no regard’s of what is set in order by God’s word. To truly understand this chapter one must understand text that appears in the text of Romans 6 and 7. This paper will give some of what Paul taught and what he shared about the concept of sanctification and how the spirit is involved with it all.
The Christian should live according to the law of God as he is empowered by the Holy Spirit; the non-Christian lives according to his flesh, that is, according to his own free will, his sinful self, for he does not have the Holy Spirit indwelling him. It has been said that if we set our minds on the flesh it will lead us to death, but to put our minds on the spirit will give us life and peace (Rom 8:4). God gave His son in the likeness of us to rid us of our sinful state, so that the righteous requirements might be accomplished in us by living by the spirit of God. However, those who have a carnal mentality can’t satisfy God, because a mind...

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