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Schizophrenia is a mental illness of the highest order that effects the brain in mysterious ways. It is a disease that’s root has riddled both scientist and doctors for centuries. Although being diagnosed with it is very rare, the results it has produced on humans are very disturbing. It has even affected a few of the great minds in our world’s history, driving them insane, beyond human reason. It throws out all logic and reason that we might have and replaces it with fantasy. It truly is like living in another reality. So what exactly is schizophrenia, what does it do to the human mind, and can its riddle be solved in the future? I will take a close look at these questions and the staggering effect that schizophrenia has had on its victims.…show more content…
The film A Beautiful Mind tells the story of his life in an impactful way. In the beginning, he appears to be very smart and intuitive, yet also socially awkward. He gets a secret job as a spy against Russian forces. His secrecy and insanity increases as the film progresses to climax. In an abrupt moment, we find out that everything he was doing was fake; it was all just in his mind. By this time, he is already married, and yet, his wife knew nothing about his mental condition. He is diagnosed with schizophrenia, an illness that will forever change his life. He is given serious treatment to combat his symptoms, which eventually begins to work. After some time, he returns to a semi-normal life with his wife and kid, but his struggle was far from over. The people and images he saw that were only in his mind continued to be there, even after the treatment. It culminated when he stopped taking his medications, and the disease took over again. He even went so far as to start to drown his son, because his reality was distorted in such a way that he didn’t see the harm. Nash did recover from this episode and returned to a life full of medication and treatment. He always saw those same people that were in his head, but he just had to choose to ignore them. He even tried to come up with a mathematical cure, and he attempted to reason his way out of the sickness. However, there was no way out. The movie shows the powerful effects schizophrenia can have on the mind, even a great mind like John

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