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Introduction David Livingstone written by Sam Wellman and The Ben Carson Story written by Gregg and Deborah Lewis are inspirational novels that focus on Livingstone’s and Carson’s struggles to defy all odds and accomplish their dreams through their tremendous faith, meekness and unconditional devotion to God. Both men were hard working people who were able to overcome many of life’s challenges to turn their lives around for the better. These novels all powerfully explore the concept of being determined and confident in one’s self in order to live up to your dreams. All two texts show how determination and confidence can go a long way even when those surrounding you may not always be as supportive and sympathetic as one would hope. At the age of ten David started working at a local cotton mill, often working long hours but getting little pay for his hard work, but still he managed finding time to study the bible and his Latin. Similarly Ben thrived to be ahead with his studies and often went the extra mile for the good of his education. There are many similarities and differences that can be seen between the two texts, specifically in relation to the issues and characters that the author uses. First paragraph David Livingstone is a biographical series that explores the life of a famous Christian man throughout his lifetime. As a young man Livingstone had dreamed to go where no missionary had ever been, to smell the smoke of unknown villages and to witness to people beyond the vast Kalahari. Though born in a poor family Livingstone was able to study theology and medicine and was soon accepted to preach in South Africa but later realized the lack of missionaries in the northern areas of Africa. The Ben Carson Story on the other ha... ... middle of paper ... ...ings its biggest hurdles, that’s the time when we should strive to work harder to ensure that we get the most at the end of the struggles. We can also learn that sometimes God is able to work through us to help other people and get the word across. Both novels also symbolize that novels can be the windows that allow us to see exactly what the world is like. Sometimes in life a little confidence and determination can go a long way even when we are born into poor families and it seems impossible to imagine ourselves being people who can make a difference. David Livingstone helped people in Africa to know Christ more and understand what God wanted them to do with their lives whilst Ben Carson graduated to become a renowned paediatric neurosurgeon who throughout his lifetime performed many surgeries and with God was able to successfully safe the lives of many children.
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