A Advant Leader: The Characteristics Of Servant Leadership

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A servant leader is a person that serves others while still utilizing their leadership qualities, “servant leadership is a blend and balance between leader and servant.” (Prichard, 2013). There are certain characteristics that the leaders need to display in order to be a servant leader, for example, empathy, awareness, listening, stewardship and many more. (Spears, 2010). In today’s society I have been able to observe that there are many servant leaders that are willing to incorporate the opinions of their employees. I will be discussing certain characteristics of servant leadership that I employ and exactly what the bible says. “Our fundamental understanding of character has much to do with the essential traits exhibited by a person.” (Spears, 2010). It very important to display certain characteristics or traits in order to have a character of servant leadership. One of the characteristics that I employ is stewardship; I am very committed “to serving the needs of others.” (Spears, 2010). I love to serve and give my best to the Lord with excellency, so in the worship ministry my main focus is God and the congregation. I concentrate in preparing myself with the songs in order for the worship to be successful in leading the people to God’s presence avoiding any mishaps. Another characteristic is Commitment to the growth of people.…show more content…
Even though they have a position of authority you see them cleaning and involving themselves with the responsibilities that need to be taken care of. They listen to others opinions and integrate them in the job responsibilities and they have a commitment to help the people grow into the person that God has destined them to be. I have been helped by one of the leaders to take on responsibilities that I thought I could not do or perform but they took out time to show me how it needs to be done and were there by my side being an
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