A 64-Year-Old Man, Mr. Londborg Who Was Admitted To The Hospital?

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The case study is about a 64-year-old man, Mr. Londborg with a history of seizure, who was admitted to the hospital due to difficulty breathing. The patient has hypertension and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). During his visit in the emergency room, he acquired an infection and his routine blood work shows elevated creatinine, which can indicate kidney problems. The client’s problem with breathing and his kidney was resolved. Although, the overseeing physician did not prescribe a prophylaxis for DVT, know that the patient will be in bed and not moving. Unfortunately, the patient got a blood clot; it was treated, but it made Mr. Londborg stays in the hospital longer than usual. In addition, the patient takes a few medications for seizure, but during his hospital stay the nurse was not able to administer one of them because it was not available. The nurse did not notify the doctor or the pharmacy regarding the missed seizure medication. The patient was found unconscious on the floor by the hospital housekeeper. Mr.…show more content…
Londborg’s hospitalization is the lack of standard orders for admitted patient, lack of system alerts for medication that are missing or not given. And the lack of overall collaboration between all health care providers, including the physician, nurse and the pharmacy.
5. Identify at least one thing that went well during Mr. Londborg’s visit to the hospital?
Although, there are some issues that contributed to an extended stay during Mr. Londborg’s hospitalization, there are also some things that went well during his stay. First was that his breathing and kidney problems was resolved, and his DVT was treated right away. Also, the housekeeper was able to notify the nurses when Mr. Londborg was found unconscious on the floor.
6. Pretend you are the nurse manager on the ward where this adverse event occurred. How would you run a meeting to debrief team members in the days after Mr. Londborg’s
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