A 21st Century Learning System

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Introduction Learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior due to experience according to Ormrod, 2004 beside that, the definition of 21st century learning it is all about collaborate with others and connect through technology. Discussing the implementation of technology in learning it’s referred to the teaching, learning and thinking tools that can change the way of cognitive process. Technology has a great potential to enhance education if appropriately applied and the expectations about the role computer technology would play in the learning process. Educational technologies include not only the Internet, which provides access to university websites directly tied to courses as well as to resources around the world, but also innovations in recording, collaborating, and responding technologies that offer enhanced environments for scholarly interaction and intellectual. These technologies are valuable when they serve the larger educational goals of the university to create active learners who not only master the content of their chosen fields, but also develop techniques and modes of critical thought that activity will enable them to be informed and intelligent citizens and contributors to their professions. Most of the students are immersed in information technology in their daily lives. They expect that their academic lives will be similarly rich in technology, and that they will leave UiTM as technology-savvy graduates. Both faculty and students are end users of educational technology, and from it they gain huge improved entrée to course materials and to one another. Educational technology holds the promise of creating more interactive classes, engaging students more deeply and more actively in the course content, an... ... middle of paper ... ...lem solver person and it can easily reach that point. My teaching skill is more effective and understandable because variety of new technology platform that can help my student to get different perspective according to the assignment given or idea process development by the help of video sharing. References: 1. Educational Technology for Teaching and Learning 3rd Edition by Timothy J. Newby, Donald A Stepich, James D. Lehman & James D. Russell, PEARSON, 2006 2. Social Media For Educators – Strategies and Best Practices by Tanya Joosten, JOSSEY-BASS, 2012 3. Designing Instruction for Technology-Enhanced Learning by Patricia L. Rogers, IDEA GROUP PUBLISHING 2002 4. http://educationelements.com/our-services/what-is-blended-learning 5. http://i-learn.uitm.edu.my 6. http://www.wasc.ucla.edu - Using Educational Technology to Enhance Learning and Teaching
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