9/11 Short Stories

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1264 words

The thick smell of of rotting food filled the alley. You could almost see the smell permeating the air. “ Why are we in this filthy alley anyway?”, asked a chubby Asian cop eating a doughnut. His badge dirty from falling five minutes ago. “Johnny we told you five minutes ago.”, said a hardened, mustached, face. A tall black man said, “ I told you having a shiny come with us would be a bad idea, especially on the day when we're doing this.” “ I Have no control over it, you know that.”, said the mustached cop. The cop looked at his watch, it was 7:50. “I think we should get into civilian clothes now, Vince.” “ What am I going to do, be your backup?”, asked Johnny “No, Johnny just make sure the car doesn’t get jacked with.”, said Vince. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how the informant asked sarcastically as he took out a file from his trunk and handed it to jake.
  • Narrates how the butter was finally melted, and they put the eggs in the pan.
  • Narrates how one of the brothers asked, "where are they taking it too?" it was hard to tell which one, they looked the same.
  • Explains that the widows warehouses are in the opposite direction from where they need the truck to go, so it works out for them too.
  • Describes how they walked out to tell fidget that he was sleeping at the wheel of an old oldsmobile. the window was broken. they reached through and shook him.
  • Narrates how the man nodded back to sleep as he left to see keith and bruce.
  • Opines that we need to have the weapons ready by tomorrow. do you think you can do that?
  • Explains that a layout of the building appeared, security cameras had been hijacked, everything was done. that was normal for survey.
  • Analyzes how the smell of rotting food filled the alley. a chubby asian cop asked, "why are we in this filthy alley?"
  • Narrates how a mustached cop told the tall black man, "i've no control over it, you know that." the cop looked at his watch, it was 7:50.
  • Narrates how vince was trained to follow orders. jake and vince walked down the alleyway and stopped near a dumpster.
  • Narrates how the informant handed jake a file about the "hitman wannabes" and said he didn't want to send someone to jail, but what they did to his friends was unnecessary.
  • Describes how they threw their alarm against the wall and watched it burst into pieces. they went to the kitchen to make something to eat.
  • Narrates how copper came in, almost as if he had a queue. "not yet. there hasn't been movement of criminal activity that's worth noting or anything worth stealing in town."
  • Narrates how they cleaned their weapons and went to the kitchen for dinner. there was nothing there except two tables and a chair.

Jake and Vince finished changing and began to walk down the alley way.“ Remember Vince this is a big lead, so do not mess it up.” “I know. Ever since the last job those guys did, you’ve been out to get them.” “I’ve got to stop them before they take out another place. You saw what they did to the hostages.” Jake and Vince finally stopped near a dumpster. Jake looked at his watch, it was now 7:59. They waited around anxiously. Finally at 8:01 he arrived. He was riding an old, faded motorcycle. It had once been red, but the years had taken a toll on it. He got off his bike and removed his helmet. “ You are our CI?”, asked …show more content…

Taking a drink from a metal water container he continued. “I never want to send a person to jail, but what these people did to my friends was unnecessary.” He handed Jake a file. Jake looked over the file. He skimmed each paged. “It doesn’t say how many there are?” “I thought you wouldn't be to thrilled about that, but the problem is that there could be anywhere from one to twenty. It's hard to identify how many there are. They're good at getting around cameras.” Jake was disappointed at this. The Informant left and they got in the car and left. “Let’s hope we have enough information to catch these guys.”, Vince said. as they were changing back into their uniforms. “This information will not help us. They’ll mess up and then we'll get them.” Jake said “Let’s hope so.” Vince changed his glance to Johnny, who was sitting in the back. “Hey jonny want to get some donuts on the way back to the station.” “I would very much like that” Johnny said with the excitement of a five year old even though he was in his late twenties. I was awoken by the sound of a person practicing at the makeshift shooting range we built out back. It was

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