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1. Lesson plan
a. I will be teaching pre-algebra in my class, specifically probability.
b. The students are eleven to twelve year old sixth graders.
• What is probability?
• Why we use probability
• How can it be expressed? o Ratio, Decimals, Percentages
• Solving word problems
• worksheets
• Set of dice
• A deck of cards
d. I will use subject matter analysis. Mathematics in general can be a hard concept for children to understand, so it is important to break the material down into smaller parts for students. Probability is one aspect of mathematics. I will take this, break it down into smaller parts, and explain its purpose. Information processing analysis can be used for solving some of the probability word problems students will face, however I do not believe it is an effective approach for teaching the entire concept.
e. I will need to assess my students. I plan to use Formative assessment in the form of a quiz after my students have begun to lean about probabilities. This way I can evaluate their understanding as well as my teaching methods. After we have finished the subject, my students will be given a summative assessment to see how much they have learned. Although probability can be taught with some interactive lessons, it is hard to give an evaluation in any other form other than a paper-pencil assessment.
f. My students will be graded based on their norm –referenced score. Raw scores could also be used however; I think the norm- referenced score will give a better comparison of one particular student to their peers. This will allow me to see if one student is falling behind and let me know as a teacher if I need to spend more time with one specific student or if I need to change my teaching meth...

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...n read a word problem and solve more complex probability problems.
Two the first point the student was successful, and was able to answer all the lower level problems involving probabilities. He also showed an understanding for ratios and completed all the ratio problems with no issue. There were a few more difficult word problems in the worksheet. The student had some difficultly with two of the tree word problems I presented.
Overall, I would say my lesson was effective however, the student could use more practice before a test. He needs to practice with two part problems and probabilities of a sum.
e. Next time I taught this topic, I would try to offer more word problems and difficult problems in practice before a test. I would also try to incorporate more activities so that the student could see how probability works with visible examples and illustrations.
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