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Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is defined as anything that involves delivering hosted services over the internet (Rouse, M., 2010). Services provided by the cloud is the delivery of software, infrastructure, and storage over the internet (Hurwitz, J., Kaufman, M., and Halper, F., n.d.). Cloud computing has lots of disadvantages when is come to security concerns and ethical concerns. TBWI has chosen to use a cloud based infrastructure and recognize that there are several security issues that must be addressed. Any security and ethical issues not address may have a significant impact on TBWI.
Security Concerns for The Best Widget Inc. (TBWI)
The first security concern TBWI must address is secure data transfer. Moving files are said to be the heart of a business operation. Every organization has to move files from place to place. TBWI has to come up with a way to transfer data from point A to point B securely. The issue with the data transfer is assuring that the file that moved from point A to B has been secured, authenticated when sent and sent by someone who had authority to send it, and was authenticated when received and received by the right person (Unknown, 2008).
The second security concern TBWI must address is user access control. User access control is when authenticated users are granted access to specific resource base on permission level assigned to the user (PC Magazine). Two behaviors that can introduce access control weakness is specification and enforcement. Specification deals with the use of incorrect privileges and permission. An example is a guest user given administrator capabilities. Enforcement deals with errors preventing properly enforced specified access control requirements. For example, ha...

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...y data, but the ones with success stories are more than likely the best ones. TBWI should conduct research on different cloud providers and find out which one worked for other organizations who has the same needs as TBWI.
The third ethical recommendation for TBWI is to incorporate a privacy policy (Newton, J., n.d.). The privacy policy should determine how the data can be used. With a privacy policy in place the cloud computing provider will only be able to use your data the way you specified. It is also important for TBWI to know the cloud computing provider data availability strategy. This is extremely important because TBWI need to know what is being done to ensure that their data is always available (Newton, J., n.d.). This also will give an answer to how the company will ensure the data will be there in the event of a natural or human induced disaster.
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