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The Obsession with Love and its Tragic Consequences
Love is considered to be the driving force behind all human intentions, emotions and actions. Love is capable of leading even the most intelligent of men into recklessness and the poorest of souls into wealth. Love is seen to be both human’s most powerful strength and most fatal flaw. The human race craves love and our obsession to love and be loved in return has the ability to lead us to our downfalls. Love is capable of ruining platonic relationships as well as one’s sense of identity and morality. Love also has the ability to breed anguish and sorrow when it is lost or cannot be found. Moreover, at times, love influences us to fall into a pitiful state of idealization and glorification.
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In the movie 500 Days of Summer, a man named Tom falls in love only to be left shattered and heartbroken. He becomes engulfed in self-pity and sadness, and he quickly falls into a state of misery due to his lost love. Tom’s journey from being at the top of the world due to his love to the bottom of the ocean due to his loss clearly showcases love’s ability to play with human emotions. Tom becomes incapable of eating, socializing, and ultimately truly living his life. Humans are so infatuated with the idea of love that the thought of being without it is considered a punishment more terrible than death. We are so obsessed with the idea of love that when we fall out of love or fail to possess it, we result in feeling empty and…show more content…
Love ruins our sense of friendship and identity as is seen when one neglects their friends and personal values in order to please their loved one. This obsession is seen to be further destructive as when love is lost, we turn towards bitterness and self-loathing similar to the main character, Tom, in the movie 500 Days of Summer. The idealization of a person due to love also showcases the deadly consequences of our obsession as is seen when friends cannot see the toxicity of their partners and are left naïve and disappointed when something goes wrong. Lastly, the slow unwinding of Heathcliff’s sanity due to the death of Cathy perfectly showcases love’s ability to destroy one’s self-worth, and truly epitomizes how dependent one can become due to love. Humans are so in love with the idea of being loved that they tend to place love where it does not exist in the first place. Humans are more so in love with idea of a person than they are with the actual person themselves. Individuals lust over love but fail to recognize that love goes deeper than just romance. Love should never make one compromise their morals nor should it consist of putting a person above oneself. We must spend less time obsessing over romantic love and instead realize that love can be found in the simplest and purest of forms - in each and every
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