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Have you ever been in love? Did it last? If not, how did it change you after the debacle? All of these questions could be answered by Tom Hansen, easily identified as the main character of the movie (500) Days of Summer. In the movie, Tom recalls of the time he spent with a girl named summer who he was madly in love with. Things didn’t work out with them however, which took a major toll on his life. (500) Days of summer is a good movie because it gives the audience an idea of the effects of being in love. The order of events within the movie engages the reader to see the plot in a different way. At some point in life, one will encounter a time where they were in love. Love may bring the good or bad out of you. It may have a positive or negative effect on someone or the person they share relations with. In some cases love is not for everybody, for the simple fact that people tend to force what is not meant to be which can bring tension upon a couple who may have had a great friendship. In the…show more content…
Throughout the movie time fast forwards and rewinds between the time Tom and Summer were together. The director does this to show how both characters change through the movie because of what happened between them. Not only does their character change but the other people around them feel the effect of their changes. The back and forth changes of the time period keeps the viewer engaged as to what will happen next. The plot of the story is one that the audience have encountered with in another movie or dealt with it in real life. The sequence of events is what separates it from other movies with similar plots. Originality is key for making a successful movie. If the movie went in order from day one to day 500 it would be straight forward and quite boring. At the beginning of their “relationship”, it seemed as if it was one for the ages. The passing and going of time makes the viewer

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