5 iPhone Apps to Start 2014

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The Apple Store now has over 1 million apps. The store boasts that any IOS user can find anything and everything under the sun through these apps. The New Year has opened a newer opportunity for the iPhone application developers to fill the inventory of the app store. The year is still to show itself in its true self, opening newer horizon for newer apps to the iPhone users. Therefore, what are the best apps, which will help you to kick-start the New Year on a big note? For the reader's convenience, some of the common apps such as 'Twitter', 'Facebook', 'Pinterest', and 'Instagram' are removed from the following lists. These apps are sure to open a new horizon from the perspective of social media. 'Jelly' The iPhone app such as 'Jelly' has been the brainchild of Twitter co-founder Biz Stone. The architecture for 'Jelly' is somewhat like that of the Yahoo Answers targeted for the New Year. What this app does is take queries from the user and gives answer to them, which are based on the crowd sources. Based on the ideology of a connected society bent on helping each other, this par...
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