5 Type Of Moms: The Five Types Of Mothers

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According to Dr. Poulter, there are 5 types of moms.Those 5 types of moms are, The Perfectionist Moms’ — whose family must look perfect in every way, The Unpredictable Moms’- whose ups and downs can create lifelong anxiety and depression in her son or daughter, The "Me First" Mother — whose children come second or last,The "Best Friend" Mother — who's now in vogue but can wreak havoc, and The Complete Mother- who provides guidance and shows compassion to her child. Out of all five of those moms, my mom is a mix of all of them. When I was little I remember her taking my little sister and me to school for her to graduate college. I seen her go through allot of things and see her pull through them fighting. I know most moms are the Perfectionist mom but no family is going to be perfect. But out of everything she has done there are a few that stick out like nails in a board.…show more content…
And throughout the game I would look back and see her sitting in the bleachers watching me play. It was like she was there the whole game. As I fell asleep that night I remember telling myself that I want to be like my mom when I grow up, for the facts that she knows how to handle her money, she knows how to make us girls happy and always makes us feel loved. In a personal interview with Brandy Barlow she was asked, “Do you think there is such thing as a perfect family?” she responded with “ there is no such thing as perfect, a family may try their hardest to act like everything is perfect but deep down they know that they aren't as perfect as they think. Every family has flaws and not even a million dollars will make a family

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