5 Issues in Education Today

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Corporal Punishment Corporal punishment has been around for many years, even centuries. Many schools allowed corporal punishment, but is it necessary to us it in public schools? Can it be taken too far? Up until the 60s and 70s, corporal punishment was a natural thing in schools and as court sentences. It wasn’t until the later part of the century that parents began to complain about the treatment of their children. Many parents believe that there are other options of punishment and discipline that schools can use. There have been cases where students were severely punished for ridiculous reasons, such as kissing or cuddling with someone of the opposite sex. Fortunately, for all the parents that disagree with corporal punishment, so does the government because very few schools practice it anymore. In 1988, nine states barred corporal punishment for schools in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Hawaii, and California. Many people believe that corporal punishment signals to the child that the way to settle personal problems is through violence and pain and they may resort to it themselves. The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that corporal punishment may affect a student’s self image and could cause them to have disruptive and violent behavior. There are many alternatives to corporal punishment in schools, such as in school suspension, detention, and other such punishments. Also teachers are urged to use behavior contracts, use positive reinforcement or appropriate behavior, and encourage disciplinary consequences, which are meaningful to students. But the school should be able to provide the students with social skills training and individualized and group counseling. Is corporal punishment bad or good? I believe that the parents should have the option of the way that they would like the school to handle it. My personal opinion is from a personal experience. My parents gave the school the right to spank me and trust me that was enough of a threat to me! I knew that I had to behave or I would get a spanking at school, and again once I got home from my mom and dad. If a teacher ever said to me, “you’re getting time out or you’re getting a mark in your folder,” that did nothing for me, but... ... middle of paper ... ... I was in school I remember going to Fine Arts and these classes being ones that gave me a much welcomed challenged and it was also a pleasant break from the monotonous classroom routine. I know from personal experience that cutting back in the area of Fine Arts is something the state’s should shy away from. Schools are going to begin to loose students if they do away with these programs not just at the high school level, but also on a college level. Fine Arts classes help to inspire future artists, musicians, sculptors, engineers, and designers. Who’s to say what the world would be like if the arts are cut out of today’s schools? Religion Religion in schools is a very controversial issue. The number of religious activities has slowly declined over the years. The more our public schools become more diverse with children from other cultures and religions, the more controversy. There is a proper time for religious worship even during school. Each student should have the respect that they deserve no matter what religion they are. Many issues have been brought up such as no prayers because children from different backgrounds
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