47 Ronin

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Seppuku, dying to protect your samurai general, and not being with the one you love doesn't have a lot in common, but they do in the movie, “47 Ronin.” You see, all of them are loosely tied to sacrifice, the act of giving up something valued for something regarded as more important. There were many different forms of this prominent theme that were constantly seen throughout “47 Ronin,” especially in the examples given above. The main types seen were forced sacrifice, offering made to protect, and sacrificed obtained through death. The reason that they were so much diversity in this action, in both the examples and the types seen, was because of how different higher-ups wanted different types of sacrifice to be enforced. The shogun, for example, might want to specialize in ordering someone to perform a sacrificial ritual however the daimyo might want the samurai to sacrifice their desires and show discipline to the daimyo as well as loyalty. As a result samurais were brought up with ideals that were enforced by the higher-ups to learn to give up but to show it in a way that it was not only honorable but also respectful towards the one that ordered it to be done. Due to such upbringings of the samurai, this theme became a normal thing to do and as a consequence of such influence in the movie, “47 Ronin” deaths like these were handled casually as if viewing a public presentation. Now that you know the basic overview, the next few paragraphs explaining the different types of sacrifice displayed in “47 Ronin,” won’t be so confusing. Sacrifice can be forced or it can be something that people are willing to do.“47 Ronin,” was a great example of such acts that were required either by law or by society. For if they were not comp... ... middle of paper ... ...ences, many different categories branched off of this theme. As a result of so much diversity only three of many were named. The first major form of this matter was required sacrifice and this was seen in Lord Asano’s forced decision to take the blame, in Lady Asano’s life, and when the Shogun orders Lady Asano to marry Lord Kira. The next significant form was sacrifice made to protect and this was seen when Kai fought to save Lady Asano, when Kai offered himself in the conflict to defend Lord Asano’s honor, and when a Ronin protected Oishi from the many incoming arrows. Finally, the last division of this theme was sacrifice offered through death and examples of this was Oishi’s wife’s love, the destruction in the first ambush, and Lord Asano’s and the 47 Ronins’ death through seppuku. All in all, there were many different forms of sacrifice were seen in, “47 Ronin.”

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