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Chapter 1: Families Coping with Change: a Conceptual Overview What do you see as the major changes which have taken place in the study of family stress, and why do you think these changes have changed? The major changes that has / had taken place in the study of family stress , is that of the new positive and negative stressors that families will experience in their lives versus the families in the past . These change the families in the 21st century will experience the constant sense of insecurity and stress to the severe economic recession in the global economy , rising unemployment rates , financial crisis such as loss of pensions , investments , savings and benefits , and how the United States is on the edge of War in the Middle East . However, the impact of the stress of change is dependent on the families' perceptions of the stress that is presented to them. As well, of how well the families coping abilities are. The degree of change resulting in the stress only becomes a problem when it disturbs the healthy balance of the family system such as becoming dissatisfied. What are...
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