4 men on a mountain

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The day has almost come, John Davenport and his team were going to begin their ascent up the forbidden peaks in the Himalayas. The urn was valuable, easily twice as valuable as Hitunka Utarano, the cursed idol. Six short months ago was when Davenport’s companion, Henry Toweridge, had disappeared along with the cursed idol. Since the mysterious disappearance the Adventure and Explore society, commonly known as the AES or simply the society, had been operating quietly, and was about to be shut down unless Davenport could get enough money from the urn to save the society. The urn was the first recorded thing to depict the mythical beast, Yeti, and it was supposedly the most realistic of the depictions, and the best part of the urn was, perhaps, the fact that there was no curse. The rest of Davenport’s team consisted of Hector Banner, the guide, Homer Grem, the historian and the person who knew the most about the treasure, and a college aged man, Walt Smith, who needed the money so he was there for the more difficult climbs. The four man team was small for an exploration of this size, however like every other member of the society, he wasn’t going to pay for a full sized team. Jack Davenport was the youngest of the AES and one of the only two whose hair isn’t completely white, but rather a light brown color, and worn in a harvard clip style. He is tall and stays fit, although he is normally dressed in a plain suit, but due to the cold on the mountain, he is wearing the standard mountaineering gear, topped with a wool coat and pantaloons. As for his face, he has a miniscule pencil mustache, a large chinstrap beard, and average eyebrows. Davenport, Grem, Banner, and Smith were staying in a diminutive insignificant unknown cabin at... ... middle of paper ... ... mountain guide, I take people to mountain peaks, not rivers.” Smith said, “I’m headed off to Harvard, to study psychology. I thought this trip would help, you know money and such, but instead I feel idiotic compared to you two and,” he paused, “and Grem. I’m good at the human mind though. Davenport concluded the conversation by saying, “Oh, well, I saved the society, I made a shiny profit, I need a rest for now. Thank you, I’d be dead without you two. Grem 10% cut will be split between your 5%, so you each get 10%. Let’s rest then head down, I need to deliver the good news to the society.” The three companions slept overnight then head down. Never before has anyone except for the four men and the crafters of the urn seen the yeti, and never again will anyone see the beast that guarded the mountains, whether malicious or a benevolent guard no one will ever know.
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