3 major religions

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In the area of Southwest Asia, there are three major religions that most people tend to be. One of them is Christianity, which is based on the belief in Christ Jesus. The other is Islam, which is based on the teachings of Muhammad. Lastly, there is Judaism, which is based on the belief in only God. During this essay I would like to explain the differences between these highly favored religions. I will be talking about any holy books of this religion, traditional customs shared by the people of this religion. The first major religion of Southwest Asia to be discussed is christianity. Christianity is the belief that God sent his son Jesus Christ to die for the whole worlds sins. This is different from Judaism because Jewish people believe that there is only one God. Therefore, they do not believe that Christ sent his son to die. The Christian religion is based on Judaism. Some symbols of Christianity would be the cross, representing how Christs son was crucified, and the bread and wine, representing the last supper. The holy book of Christianity is the Holy Bible. Typically, women a...
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