3-D Displays in the Marking Process

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The use of 3D display in the marketing process plays a big role in sales and brand awareness. To make brand awareness, a company needs a way to draw attention to their product and set itself apart from the rest. That brand want the consumer’s eyes to fall on its product only. One way to showcase their product is to use 3D display which will give them a marketing advantage over their rivals.
Why 3D display? 2D display is amazing at giving preview of the product before a customer before he or she buys it, however 3D display revolutionise where 2D left off by adding depth and perspective to the product. 3D display will let the consumer try the product and buy it and then he or she will trust that brand because the company showed a quality product and is capable of creating more high quality products. Companies want to put their product out there, be the jewel of the ocean of mediocre sale pitch. Draw them in and keep the consumers curious in what they see and at same create sales. If that company fails to initially capture the consumers curiosity, the consumer will not see them on his or her radar and they will also think of that company as second rate producer.
However, it’s the store's responsibility to sell products using integrated products to their display. To catch the consumer’s attention, retailers design or arrange the floor plans to help create space for the 3D display so it can draw more attention to the item that they are endorsing. That means the store will need to focus on a certain theme for all their products and to show their originality. Focusing on one central theme can help sell more variation of products while still drawing attention to them.
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... consumer does not have a choice to pick. It also give mixed messages if company is trying to build brand trust. Reshuffling the sales floor from time to time will keep the store “fresh”. When people notice that something has change, they are interested in what happen or what's new. “Fresh” and “interesting” is what draw people. If the reshuffling is done creatively, the 3D display along with its 3D space will be more appealing.
Use lighting to set the mood. Poorly lit area can deter the consumer from going over to the product because he or she will think that the product is poor due to the low lighting. Lighting can be use to highlight certain aspect of the product causing it to be more appealing. It can also warm the area up while proving decorative lighting for the store. Use it to draw attention to the product while lighting a path towards greatness so to speak.
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