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Habitat Fragmentation: The Cause for the Gradual Extinction of Species at Multiple Trophic Levels Introduction Different species are dying worldwide and this is causing major concerns. What contributes to the death of these species is habitat fragmentation. The rate of how fast the species are dying is also the result of habitat intrusion from species not native to the region or specific area, change in the climate's temperature, gradual tearing down of green habitats and being overexposed to outside influences (influences not native to the area). The process of extinction often times does not happen quickly, but rather gradually and populations that are within or in close proximity to the species dying off could live for a longer period of time before they themselves eventually die off as well. Gradual extinction that happens over a period of time is called 'relaxation time' and the prediction that populations that are decreasing in numbers, due to death, because of their environment being in poor and patchy conditions is called, extinction debt. Species living in habitats that ...

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