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So I'm sure most of you have played some sort of 2D platformer videogame in your life, be it Super Mario, Sonic, Megaman, etc. Well, recently I've been playing a lot of this indie 2D platformer for PC called Spelunky [link] and my mind has been off in video game land. Well, I think I've stumbled upon a great idea for a 2D platformer, but I'm not confident I could even manage to pull together the resources to make such a thing a reality. I don't want to go into too much detail about it in the event that I do give life to this idea, but it would be a fangame of a particular RPG favorite of mine, but as a platformer, and it would borrow a few gameplay elements from some well known platformers as well. I guess it may sound strange to take a RPG and make it into a platformer, not to mention that about 90% of the fangames I've come across are really tacky and unplayable. And believe it or not, the RPG I'd be basing this fangame on actually has a lot of things about it that would transfer pretty well into a platformer. I wouldn't even go forward with this if I saw that the result would not be up to my own very high standards and expectations. I think in the meantime I'll fiddle around with GameMaker, possibly throw together a few sprite graphics, and if all goes well, post some sort of one level demo. Wish me luck, I suppose. (Oh also, I'm moving to NYC really really really soon.) Welcome to the first entry of my newest blog. I hope it's an enjoyable experience for you. :) So, just to refresh the minds of the people that may know me, and for those that don't, I'll start off by saying I'm probably not anyone particularly interesting. But I'm okay with that! I actually plan to use this new blog to push out conten... ... middle of paper ... ... level. Some of this is done by jumping, or using warp stars. The effect of running around these small planets with gravity that pulls Mario towards them, coupled with the camera angles really makes the game interesting, and sometimes even nauseating! But all in all, this game is really great. I've spent the most time with this game, and I really enjoy it. This is by far the best game Nintendo has made in a long time. It feels so much more epic. This is basically what Twilight Princess did for The Legend of Zelda series but for the Mario universe. Well, I find it kind of humorous that I spend all this time talking about these console and handheld games when only a month ago I bought a brand new computer for gaming. I could go on talking about Valve's Orange Box for PC, specifically Portal, but quite honestly, I'm much too tired. Good night everyone! :)

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