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24 Hour Society Objective 2 · What is the 24 hour society? · Describe the growing 24 hour society? · In special detail explain the reason for the growing number of E-commerce and 24 hour supermarkets and specialised stores? Analysis of main elements of the system. These days extended working hours are not uncommon. The 24 Hour Society is one in which certain activities are performed around the clock. The old saying "there is a time and a place for everything" no longer holds true. This trend is partly driven by the levels of convenience demanded by consumers, but also enabled by changes in legislation and the increasing opportunities provided by technological innovation. GRAPH When using the library I will look in books with the most relevancies to my objectives, for instance I would want to look up why shops decided to become E-commerce and not just lists of E-commerce shops although this could also be partly relevant. Using the Internet will be very difficult for this case study, the reason for this is because if you search using the keyword 'E-commerce', '24 hour' or '24 hour society' many of the results will be just online shops with out information of the reasons they become E-commerce, however some other reports published on the 24 hour society might be useful. Interviews will also be quite hard but not impossible. It is not easy to find someone who has an active role in E-commerce businesses this is because of the 'junk' on the Internet. Detailed research plan. Visit County Library Using Library search engine input "24 hour society" and other variables Note down the placement number of the section Go to that section and collect books that seem most relevant Scan through books and look for information on the 24 hour society Mark places in books with bookmarks Check out the books and take them home for heavier research Find a computer with Internet access Go to a search engine such as http://www.google.com / http://www.yahoo.com / http://www.ask.co.uk Type in the key work '24 hour society' Scan through search results for relevant sites If sites are too general try using bouillon commands such as '+', 'AND' or 'NOT' From results copy relevant information in to a word processing program such as Microsoft Word and edit it down in to useful points Save and print Find a person with information you would like to here from him/her Ask if you could record the conversation to write the report Ask the person the questions and push for a detailed response

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