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"There are some things that I need to tell you, something I should have told you a long time ago" Shardsong began. "Me and your dad, Donnchadh, didn't just meet and love at first sight, no. He was a spesial dragon and everybody, including me, did not pay any attention to him. It looked like he did not care at first but when everybody turned away I could see that it did effect him in some manner of way, not fisical but mentally." She paused for a moment to look if Metalus was understanding, but he sat there listening real intens. So ShardSong continued "But our first faithful incounter started with a normal day, like any other day, until. There were some other dragons arguing, and I tried to stop them. Then they turned on me, bulling me. Thats when your dad came in to case them away".{"You alright" Donnchadh asked, "Yeah, I'll be fine"}. "When I looked up into his eyes, I could see that he was not as everbody thought. He was a kind and caring dragon" She added.{"I'm Donnchadh, but I guess you already know that, right?" he intredused himself. "ShardSong nice to meet you" she replied} "I thought first it was funny that he intrdused himself like that, but I just let it go" She noted. {"I don't see you much in this parts" Shardsong asked, "Well I like to keep things to myself" Donnchadh answered. "Then why did you help me?" She questions his words. "I couldn't just let them do that to you, could I" he answers with a smile}, "At that time I could not belive that he was so polite. All those years and we all thought he was bad, but turns out he was really sweet" She stops for a moment to just see Metalus paying full attention to her, so she continues "So from that day on When I saw him I walkind to him, and just started to make some small... ... middle of paper ... ...its not safe for you thats when we went to get you and got stopped by Terrador and he and your dad fought. I took you to safty and went back, but found him halfway and he was severely injured. When I brought him to the cave the only thing I could think was the heal him so I left to get some red crystals but it was nearly impossible with all the fighting going on and eventuly I got some but when I came back I did not realize what has happened you and your dad were just laying there and I thought you were sleeping but I was wrong. Your dad did not make it, but you, you looked at me like you knew about it and I sensed that something was not the same but from there on in we stayed in the cave} "So.. What was it that you saw in me?" Metalus asked her. "Your father, and the legacy of the Adalisk" ...... "So this is Donnchadh's Son" Terrador says[and so it continues in C1].

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