21th Century American Is The Definition Of The Free World

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21th century American is the definition of the free world. The citizens of the country have the consent to do almost everything. They have freedom of speech, freedom to go anywhere, anytime, take any job, they can wear anything they appreciate, chose to live anywhere they want. However, today’s American wasn’t always like this. Today’s America was built on greed and unethical acts. Until the late 1800 century, Americans were allowed to have slaves. At that time slaves were people of color, mostly black people shipped from Africa to work for White Americans. When Europeans started to migrate to America, they decided to build this country from the ground up. However it was a lot of labor work and easier said than done. Migrants mostly relied on indentured slavery, in order to ease their need of labor. To make their life easier, they decided to bring black people from Africa to work for them. White Americans believed that black people were sent by God to work as a slave. In today’s free America when someone decides to take a job, they are offered a wage or salary, different kinds of work benefits and different work perks. However, when slaves were working they got almost nothing. Their living conditions were worse than animals. People who were shipping slaves from Africa to America gave the people of Africa fake hopes. They were told they would receive a better life. However when the people of Africa got here, it was a completely different story. Slaves had no rights, received no salary or wages, no food, no shelter, no clothes, no free time. They did not even receive treatment, when they were sick, they were left to die. Americans citizens are very thankful for their human rights. It is something they feel proud of and can brag abo... ... middle of paper ... ...ferent organizations and individuals decided to take a stand against the “KKK.” However, they chose a different way. Organizations like the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) or Dr. King decided to go with the nonviolence way. They believed, if they showed the “KKK” enough love and respect, they could change the mind of “KKK” members. Dr. King decided to make a movement nationwide, that would bring everyone together and stop the hate. The NAACP asked the government to help the black community and make news to protect them. The black community received little no help. The Black Panther, a different group decided to take things into their own hand. They believed, the only way to fight “KKK” was to do the same thing the “KKK” members were doing to black people. The fight between two races cost a lot of innocent people to lose their life.

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