20th Century Philosophy: Ideas of Men that Forever Changed the World

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The world has changed drastically over the course of time and the ideas of creation have forever evolved and progressed as they continue to cascade into an ongoing knowledge and bliss of what is after life and why life exist on earth. The 20th century as had a significant impact on modern thought and creations being the current population and generation of thinkers have all come out of this time frame. This century has been called everything from the roaring twenties, to the flying forties, to the swinging sixties, the disco era, and even the cool nineties. However, the concepts of thought, ambition, economical transformations, religious evolutions, and even scientific viewpoints have grown and had great influences from a few profound philosophers. Philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche, Henri Bergson, and Ludwig Wittgenstein have literally had a substantial and extensive influence on waging war, the concepts multiplicity, methods of intuition and a creative evolution, and even logical problematic situations and events. To begin with, Friedrich Nietzsche has been considered insane and has influenced individualism and morality in contemporary civilizations and leaders. One of Nietzsche’s most famous developments is the concept that concluded that indeed “god is dead.” This simple yet multifarious idea has contributed changes in the world of not only philosophy, but also theology and art as well throughout the 20th century. Nietzsche has even been said to give Adolf Hitler, one of the most powerful and malicious men to ever walk the earth, the idea of controlling the world through his dictatorship and war tactics. Scholars have said that Hitler somehow understood Nietzsche’s work as not very good, yet the works of the Nazi ideo... ... middle of paper ... ...towards the new philosophers such as Wittgenstein, or perhaps look back over time into the ideas of Nietzsche and Bergson and create a logical response to living life based off of those inquiries. The world will forever change and the thoughts and ideas of men will continue to change, mold, and evolve the human mind into a grand tool that can be used to decipher life and events to come based off of the past and perhaps what the future might hold. There will always be war waged upon nations, concepts of multiplicity, methods of intuition, religious controversy and ideas creative evolution, and even logical problematic situations and events. However, how one decides to go about these methods is entirely upon to the conscious and sub-conscious mind contending one another in finding out how to merely find a solution to the most prevalent question of all, which is life.

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