2066 Minus

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2066 Minus: The café was nearly full at lunchtime owing to it’s proximity to the Capitol. Jenny and John had taken the last outside table. It felt safe in Minus. Nearly all the patrons had ID badges similar to theirs, mostly blue rather than Prime’s green. “Did you hear there’s talk of a counter offensive into Plus,” Jenny said as she sipped her coffee in the warm spring sunshine. John sat reflecting on the war. “I’m not surprised. Each frac-time is so dependent on upline for its security that’s good motivation for cooperation.” Jenny turned her chair to face the sunshine as the server took their order. “Looks like Prime will be doing the heavy lifting for a while with Plus already stretched and Minus just getting up to speed,” Jenny said. “I hear Minus does like being called Minus? John asked. Jenny laughed. “How do you find out these things?” “I have my sources,” John said remembering Colonel Timberin joking about the frac-time nomenclature. “Prime’s TR technology and tactical application research will go to the Pentagon. Before the war we were just a pet science project of the President.” “And the SECDEF.” John didn’t have to remind her. “West will head the new project at the Pentagon.” “That’s good. He deserves it. So is that it for Chronos?” Jenny waited until the server had left John’s burger and her chowder. “There will be a much smaller effort transferred to the Agency at Langley.” John laughed. “And you’re heading that up.” Jenny raised her sunglasses to look at him. “Honest, I was just a good guess!” Jenny smiled. “So what are you plans?” “You’ve got to be joking!” “Come on, we got temporal tangos to deal to.” “Can I at least eat my burger before deciding?” “I’m not going anywhere.” Jenny said ta... ... middle of paper ... ...familiar.” “Maybe they were lenses.” Jenny sat reflecting on John’s suggestion for a moment. He took the opportunity to sip his espresso. “She said you had good ideas,” Jenny made a mental note to get Robert Polleto to follow the idea up. “Too bad you missed your frac-twin. It’s got to be weird meeting her.” “I’m looking forward to it, actually. And, thanks for coming along; I want you meet her.” “No problem, the second round of briefings is nearly finished and things have died down a little since the State of the Union last week. Thanks again for Kate’s help.” “Don’t mention it. I thought there’d be more panic. You guys did a good job.” “I guess you haven’t noticed most of the world’s religions going fanatical over night; at least the stock market likes it…for now.” Jenny looked at her sat chron. “She’s late. “That’s not like you at all,” John commented.

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