2014 Forest Hills Drive By J Cole Analysis

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Freedom is a deeply ingrained ideal that is valued in Western culture; as defined, freedom is the absence of necessity, coercion, or restraint in choice or action. Because the concept of freedom is almost innate within our subconscious, not many people can easily convey what freedom means; however, because of this, references and allusions to the various aspects of freedom color our perspective, speech, and actions. Because it is pervasive throughout our society; its value is often reflected in our media through print, television,the internet, and more specifically, music.”Intro” to 2014 Forest Hills Drive by J Cole, released in 2014 on his album , 2014 Forest Hills Drive, explores what it means to free in the present day; because of its…show more content…
Additionally, by asking the listeners if they want freedom, a choice must be made by the listener, illustrating how individuals must have freedom of choice in order to begin to be free.Through the combination of repetition and pathos, J Cole is able to appeal to the audience’s desire for freedom, showing how freedom is precious and valued by people as a…show more content…
Free to love, each his own/ free from bills, free from pills,” By starting each sentence with “free”, J Cole explains in detail the things one should be liberated from, pain and sickness imprisonment, intolerance in love, financial struggles, and from vices. Until this point in the song, the listener is wondering what it means to be free;the only explanation of freedom would be based on the individual’s subjective opinion; however, through anaphora the listener is able to understand exactly what freedom means in J Cole’s

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