2012 Essay

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During his news conference on April 11, 1962, John F. Kennedy opened his speech by talking about the rising steel prices. His purpose of doing so was to hopefully get the steel prices to be lowered. In his opening, Kennedy used rhetorical strategies; three that were used are the use of anaphora, diction, and an appeal to logos. JFK uses anaphora to help strengthen his speech. He starts off a lot of statements with “when we are”, which shows that he is one with the nation. He says, “When we are confronted with grave crises…when we are devoting our energies to economic recover…when we are asking reservists to leave their homes and families…” as a way to help show the people that they are going through these hard tasks together as a nation. He also says “it would” a lot as well. He says that “it would increase the cost of machinery and tools… it would add one billion dollars to the costs of our defenses… it would make it more difficult for American goods to compete in foreign markets…” By using the phrase “it would” Kennedy is able to show the possible consequences of the price hike. ...
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