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We plan to attain below mentioned objectives through our research.

• Determination of the role of product packaging on Consumer Buying Behavior.
• Determinationof the influence factors of packaging on the consumer buying behavior.
• Finding what is the most important factor of packagingin terms of its influence on the consumer behavior.

Data collection process:

An online survey was conducted by providing the target with a set of questions to answer. The questions were about the various factors likebackground image in the packaging, packaging material used, packaging color, informational content on the product package, packaging font, how innovative is the packaging, association with a celebrity, packaging size and shape. This was to judge the impact of these factors (independent variables) on consumer buying behavior (dependent variable).Thus, our Data collection method isonline survey, using Google doc online survey Questionnaire.

Why we are using this method and not some other collection instrument/method?

There are a number of survey methods which can be used like:

1) Face-to-face Interview:
- At home or work.
- In public places.

2) Telephone survey.

3) Written questionnaire:
- By mail
- By e-mail.
- Web Survey

We chose online survey over all the others because of the following advantages of this survey methodology over the others mentioned above:

1) Faster:
It has been seen that the time span required for the completion of an online survey project is generally two-thirds shorter than that of the traditional methods of researches. The fact that information gathering is automatic tells us that the response rate is almost instant.

2) Cheaper:
Money can be saved on postage, part of the staff need n...

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...es were collected and information was first mapped into an excel sheet. The next step consisted of conversion of these excel sheet into a .sav file for the purpose of the data analysis by the useof SPSS tool.
5) Chronbach’s Alpha was calculated using Reliability Analysis (SPSS), for each set of Questions.
6) The Demographic data was analyzed as well, stating the trends in the Statistical Output file.
7) Logistic Regression (since we have taken a 5 point scale) was then performed, to find out the relationships among the various independent variables. These independent variables would be:
• Background-image
• Packaging Material
• Packaging Color
• Packaging font
• Informational Content
• Innovative Packaging
• Association with a celebrity
• Packaging size and shape.

and to find the effect of these variables on the final dependent variable, which is, BUYING BEHAVIOUR
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