1984 by George Orwell

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To live a life free is to be capable to freely express and conjure ones own thoughts and feelings. And in the modern world, imagining a world where that does not exist is just unlikely. When a party overwhelms their citizens with the parties thoughts and feelings and forces the citizens to believe that their opinions are always simply wrong or seen as a betrayal towards the party, the human mind is then programmed to please the party. Psychological manipulation in the novel 1984 by George Orwell, is used as one of the party’ main control tactics. The party uses different forms of psychological manipulation within the society such as, the influence of telescreens to instill fear in citizens and create a lack of privacy within the society. Secondly, the party uses psychological manipulation in the children by inducing them into groups that are pro Big Brother at a young age. And also, the party uses ones sexual desires and pleasures to dehumanize what would be a pleasurable act, to being an obligation to further please the party. Because of the dehumanizing effects of psychological manipulations, the manipulation of the way one thinks is the most dangerous means of control. Therefore, in the novel 1984 methods of manipulation, characters and situations display the dangers of this control. Firstly, methods of manipulation are used throughout the entire novel, some quite distorted, some quite realistic and related to real world occurrences. Though Orwell’s methods described in the novel may be distorted, the relevance of his fabricated methods is not just to entice the reader but rather to show the maximal ramifications of the methods used. In modern day life, screens are not constantly overseeing everything we do or say, there are ... ... middle of paper ... ...second thought to her kid’s actions. The kids inevitably belonged to the “Youth League” where they were turned into “ungovernable little savages [ and this made them have] no tendencies whatsoever to rebel against the party”(Orwell 24,26). As the children grow they are placed in different organizations that are organized by the party to ultimately create the ideal citizens. This creates controversy between parents and their children, as their children become more and more willing to turn their backs to their parents for approval from the party. As this teaches children from young ages to dehumanize anyone against the party, this information is all they know. Therefore, trying to teach those children to respect and treat people, as they are human, becomes more difficult as the generations continue. Ultimately, a brain washed, party-abiding population will be created.
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