1984 Expository Essay

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1984 In the words of Benjamin Franklin “Any society that will give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both”. Benjamin Franklin was one of our founding fathers that fought for our freedom , he was apart of the Declaration Of Independence and invented many things that America uses today and would be nothing without it . Most importantly Benjamin Franklin believed in rights and liberty and those who would give up their liberty for security doesn’t deserve either. In the novel 1984 , written by George Orwell the city of Oceania is ruled by a leader known as “Big Brother” . Big Brother is not seen but sees everything, Oceania is under a totalitarian government which means it is ruled by one person and the members don’t have a say they must obey. In order for Big Brother to stay in power he must have the minds of the people in utter control, the ways that Big Brother does that is by The Thought Police, The Telescreens, Fear Tactics , and The Party . The Party works for Big Brother , their job is to make sure that no one is an enemy towards Big Brother or is disobeying him . The main character known as Winston Smith is a 39 year old man who lives in Oceania and struggles with the society and it being dominated by Big Brother. Winston struggles throughout the novel with Thought Crime , and Newspeak . Newspeak was the Gardner 2 official language of Oceania , people had to learn the language and nothing more. Some disagreed with Newspeak but in the end they obeyed and spoke the language in order to stay alive. Thought -Crime is when a person has their own thoughts and opinions believing in only those, then it becomes a thought crime if found out by the Thought Police and you are killed as pu... ... middle of paper ... ...ld himself that he would never be like every other member of Oceania ,under utter control Gardner 4 and stripped of their individuality and freedom . That rebelling was his only source of freedom and he ended up worshipping Big Brother . Big Brother is the ruler of Oceania and uses Fear Tactics,the Thought Police,The Party,and Telescreens. Big Brother keeps utter control and power making the people of Oceania believe that freedom is dangerous in order to get safety that they need members should give up their freedom and individuality obeying what big brother puts in place. “Any one that gives up their freedom for safety doesn't deserve either “as said by Benjamin Franklin. People have slaved, fought, and died so you can have freedom ; and you give it up that easy you don't deserve either.!
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