1984 Essay

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a famous philosopher, once said “I prefer liberty with danger than peace with slavery.” What Rousseau means by this is that it is better to have fought for your freedom than to peacefully allow yourself to become a slave. In George Orwell’s 1984, a man name Winston Smith struggles with a society that has allowed itself to become enslaved by it’s totalitarian government, whose leader is known as “Big Brother”. Big Brother has convinced his people that to truly be safe, they must be monitored completely. The people of Oceania are entirely stripped of their freedom, and even thinking of rebelling is a crime, a “thoughtcrime”. Winston’s problems arise as he realizes he is not like most people around him, he does not like the society he is living in and wants to take down Big Brother. Winston soon meets a girl named Julia who dislikes Big Brother as well, and soon they begin to commit a wide variety of crimes together. They begin a forbidden love affair, but worry constantly about being caught. As Winston’s love for Julia grows, so does his hatred for Big Brother. Winston soon receives word that a man named O’Brien wants to see him, which excites him because Winston believes that O’Brien is a member of a secret party called The Brotherhood. The Brotherhood is the only glimpse of opposition towards Big Brother that Winston has seen. Winston and Julia go to see O’Brien and are indoctrinated into The Brotherhood. Things take a turn for the worse when Julia and Winston are snatched up and taken to a place called The Ministry of Love, where Winston finds out that O’Brien was actually a spy who tricked him into openly opposing Big Brother. Winston is then tortured until he is mentally broken and no longer attached to J... ... middle of paper ... ...d filled that void with Big Brother. After this Winston was unable to love Julia again, and finally surrendered to Big Brother. Winston Smith continues to struggle with accepting Big Brother’s totalitarian laws in George Orwell’s 1984. Through this book, Orwell gives the reader a clear idea of the potential behind totalitarian governments. Winston Smith, the book’s protagonist, slowly becomes more and more rebellious as the book progresses, only to be captured and tortured to the point that he surrenders himself to the one thing he dedicated himself to opposing. Orwell used this novel as a warning sign to show the western world what could happen if we didn’t put a stop to what was going on in the Soviet Union. If one is not careful, a strong government with malicious intent can turn from a small pebble into an unstoppable boulder, destroying everything in it’s path.
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