1984 Character Analysis Essay

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George Orwell’s famous book 1984 is a dystopian novel written in the year 1949. Dystopian books are about a fiction world in which things may sound perfect to some people but not to all. In 1984 there are a few Unorthodox people and some who think about rebelling against the government and the leader Big brother, but only a few actually do it. Winston is a main character that works in the newspaper department changing all the news to what Big brother wants to hear. Julia works in the same building but on a different floor. She too hates big brother and is ecstatic when she finds out Winston is the same way. The last character O’Brian acts like he rebels at first but over time you see that he was able to trick Winston and Julia into believing…show more content…
O’Brian is very high up in the rankings and is supposed to be very loyal to big brother and the party. Eveyone thinks this except for Winston. He has a feeling that O’Brian is on his side and wants to disobey the party just as bad as he does. Though Winston is just going off looks and doesn’t have much evidence. (Winston looks at O’Brian and he looks back quote) O’ Brian invites Winston over to his house and along with him comes Julia. O’Brian has the power to turn off the telescreens off so he is not always being watched. This shocks Winston and he feels reassured that O’Brian is with him and against the party. O’Brian gives Winston a book that is supposed to be about Goldstein. who is the leader of a secret party that rebels against Big brother. Winston is stunned and beyond excited to receive the book and read all of its answers. O’Brian doesn’t really come back into play until the end of the book after Winston is caught and being tortured. When Winston sees O’Brian he is stunned still thinking that he was on his side and rebelled against the party with Winston. When Winston asks O’Brian when they got him. “They got me long ago” (Orwell 220). O’Brian helps torture Winston and try’s to get him to love big brother. Winston realizes that he lied to him and Winston is very hurt. O’Brian is so complex because at one point he may have rebelled against the party. Maybe have been able to turn him back over to Big Brothers side and make him a leader. Or all along he was against Winston and Julia. We don’t ever find out for

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