1984, Are We There Yet?

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Big Brother is watching you! This is one of the frightening propaganda posters portrayed in George Orwell’s novel 1984, which offers a terrifying prophetic vision of a totalitarian state. A totalitarian government is one which subjugated its citizens and holds complete authority over the society and seeks to control all aspects of its citizen’s public and private life. It’s these type of controlling governments that use several deceptive strategies to gain control of a nation such as censorship of media, propaganda everywhere, ruling using fear, and secret police forces (Thought Police). It is this tyrannical government that Orwell feared would come true in the near future. Although, our society today has not yet devolved into such a tyrannical state, there are certain aspects of our society that are leading us in that direction. “Most governments are usually and all governments are sometimes inexpedient” (Civil Disobedience 1) and even the American government at times subjugates its citizens and strips away their liberties and rights. Our country is built upon the principles of freedom and liberty, but at times acts contrary to these beliefs when it seeks to control its citizen’s lives. Our governments similarly to that of 1984, controls its citizens by depriving them of privacy, repressing their natural impulses, and engaging in perpetual war. Imagine a world where every single move you make is being monitored and watched by surveillance everywhere from cameras on street posts, to your cellphone in your pocket. There is no such thing as privacy, it is this world that is quickly becoming a reality as vast technological advances make it easier and more convenient for governments to spy on their citizens. This lack of privacy is ... ... middle of paper ... ... can never be defeated thus there will always be perpetual war. It is this perpetual war which make citizens willing to sacrifice certain rights for national security. In 1984 the citizens loved Big Brother because he created an illusion of security and protection, likewise they believed that Bush was protecting them, with increased security. Bush created the Patriot Act, using the word Patriot to make it seem necessary and useful. Therefore War is Peace and keeps the citizens controlled and subjugated by the government , since they believed they are being protected. Thus we see how the government like in 1984 subjugated it’s citizens in modern society by depriving them of privacy, repressing their natural impulses, and being in a state of perpetual war. We should beware and stopped the devolution of our society into such a tyrannical state as one described in 1984.
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