1984: A Comparison Of 1984 By George Orwell

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INTRODUCTION Totalitarianism is an idea in which the government has absolute control with no restrictions over state, province, country, etc. Many have attempted such ideology but failed in reality, such examples are Hitler, Joseph Stalin, etc. It was possible for totalitarianism to live in books or movies but not in reality for a long period of time. Such an example was none other than the world famous satire novel 1984 by George Orwell. 1984 was based on the totalitarinism of the world during the World Wars condition of the human life and how the people were treated. 1984 is about the government controlling, watching every movement of the people; in this novel their is literrally nothing the government does not know about. Many films have attempted to vision George Orwell's ideas and his novel 1984, but had failed. One such film adaptation of 1984 by Micheal Radford was rather a much closer view of George Orwell's vision when compared to other movies and the book itself. This essay will prove that the adaptation of 1984 by Micheal Radfords is a good adaptation of the novel 1984. I...
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