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WAR IS PEACE. FREEDOM IS SLAVERY. IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH. These are the official slogans of the Party that have been utilized as a propaganda in Orwell’s dystopia novel 1984 to brainwash the citizens of Oceania into thinking that the Party’s action is for the best of them, yet it turns out ironically that these citizens have been the victims of the Party’s deadliest weapon of control. For example, one of the slogans, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH, serves the foundation of the preservation of the society in Oceania. The members’ ignorance to repression burgeons the strength of the Party and Big Brother, resulting in gaining complete control over the citizens and diminishing humanity. Even though this slogan articulates the true insanity, the Party encapsulates to keep a hierarchical society under certain regulations in order to eliminate any oppressions. The social class system of Oceania is threefold: the upper class Inner Party, the middle-class Outer Party, and the lower-class Proles. Each class has its own functions, in regards to the individual freedom and the force of conformity to the Party. The Big Brother comes atop of the hierarchy pyramid; under the Big Brother comes the Inner Party, the ruler of Oceania. The goal of the Inner Party is to abide the position that they are in. Sometimes, the Outer Party will ally with the Proles to overthrow the Inner Party if the Inner Party members lose their belief, capacity to govern, or both. Veritably, there are six millions members in the Inner Party, which only make up two percent of the population of Oceania. The Inner Party members have better life qualities out of all three classes. For instance, the Inner Party members have the privilege to switch off the telescreen more than thirty mi... ... middle of paper ... ...y have more freedom than the Outer Party members do. For instance, the Proles are not under any surveillance of the Party due to the Party knows that the proletariats are not erudite so that they will not gain any sophisticated view of their own lives or of society’s; therefore, the Party considers them as the nonentities and will not do any harm against the Party. Although the Proles have individual freedoms, the Thought Police will disguise themselves among the Proles to disseminate the fallacious rumors and will destroy any prole if he or she shows any signs of intelligence. Furthermore, the Party does not require the Proles to buttress the Party and entertains the Proles with gambling, alcohol, sports, sexual promiscuity, and pornography. The Proles can have not only free internal market economy but also they have liberal sex lives, divorce, and prostitution.
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