1906 Earthquake Research Paper

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253 words

Earthquakes can cause significant damage to building via waves of energy that propagate from the epicenter. The waves cause the ground to move, which can create structural failure of buildings, resulting in collapse or partial failure. Although the waves cause significant damage, what happens to the structure after the earthquake? A common theme from the 1906 California earthquake was fire. Two images in the text with descriptions, explained that the building had partially withstood the quake, only to burn down later.
To determine how the fire prevention systems in a structure weather an earthquake, a test was conducted at the University of California, San Diego, in 2012. The test was preformed outside on a 5 story building, located on an

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that earthquakes can cause significant damage to buildings via waves of energy that propagate from the epicenter. the 1906 california earthquake was a common theme.
  • Describes how the university of california, san diego conducted a test to determine how fire prevention systems weather an earthquake.
  • Concludes that the study concluded that joints between compartments on upper floors failed during the quakes, which would allow fire and smoke to spread more easily throughout the structure.
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