18th Century, Period of Enlightenment

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The Enlightenment took place during the 18th century and was defined as "man's leaving his self-caused immaturity." A popular motto took place: "dare to know." It was a period of questioning and appliance of reasoning to explore many subjects often left untouched. People were leaving behind their past and advocating the use of scientific method instead of unproven beliefs on religion. The Enlightenment takes its name from those who wanted to contribute to a brighter future and society. Different paths were taken in order to make this period possible. The intellectuals didn't immediately gather their information from original scientific sources. Since most philosophers expressed their notions through complex literary works, popularizers taught their ideas. The first step to Enlightenment was a new skepticism especially in terms of religion. Earlier periods had attempted to restore religion as the central focus of people's lives; it was only normal to question this practice. Next, many traders, missionaries, medical practioners and explorers began taking notes of their ex...
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