18th Century Dbq Essay

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America was booming throughout the eastern hemisphere and many people were packing to begin their new lives. America soon became known a place of hope for those that needed it. Since new colonies were beginning citizens dreamed to start and be apart of a city upon a hill. 16th century writers wrote several stories about works on perfect societies such as Richard Hakluyt and even Shakespeare. 14th century there was one legal Catholic Church in England because Henry VIII broke England's ties with the Catholic Church. This caused people to leave the Catholic Church all over Northern Europe which is the Protestant Reformation. Henry's actions actions caused religious dissent and sectarianism and soon after he died his catholic daughter Mary…show more content…
In document 4 citizens had too sign an agreement to follow four major rules. One of the rules were to only have forty families and to fit everyone. Massachusetts had one of the best social structures of their time. In document 8 the author states, "it must now be acknowledged by all men...that you are the most perfect democracy on the face of the earth. Democracy allowed people to have their voices heard and vote on what to do with the town. England had a monarch form of government and the emigrants didn't want that form of government so Democracy was soon created. This was one step further in creating the perfect society emigrants dreamed to…show more content…
England had a monarch form of government so they were based in king and queens. Emigrants thought bad of that form because no ones ideas were valued and only the king and queen could make decisions. That's when America created Democracy. In 1699 a guy named Cutler had permission to take him and his group to go out and find mines. Although his group had no experience their Majesty still aloud it. Whatever Cutler and his group found 75% of the finding go to the group while 25% goes to their majesty. Seems fair enough. Emigrants mostly just wanted a better life. America supplied plenty of jobs so there won't be no trouble finding one and coming home with money on the table. The children can grow up learning the new costumes and know what it feels like to make a
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